About Me

Since 1998, freelance web site design has been a large part of my professional life. Having worked with many individuals and organizations, I can tackle most any job.From Mid 2006 to January 2009, I also provided my services to an automotive firm based near Detroit, Michigan where many requests for web design, multimedia work, and print design landed on my desk.

Bachelor of Digital Art
University of Toledo, 1998-2004
Art degree focusing on the computer as a creative tool

Associate of Web Design
Monroe County Community College, 2003-2005
Technical degree focused on the technologies and processes behind creating web and print designs


Getting Started in Design

In 1998 as I was getting ready to graduate from High School, I toured the University of Toledo’s Center for the Visual Arts. I immediately fell in love with what I saw- a classroom filled with over 25 computers being used for making art. Being a technology nut, I signed up for their computer art program.

The object of the program was to use computers in making artwork for sale, and understanding the basics of design and how things look. Two years before I graduated I was recruited for building a few small web sites because of the basic knowledge I had gleaned while at the university. Shortly after, I decided that making web sites would be a profitable and enjoyable way to use what I had learned.

As I was still studying at the university I entered a program at Monroe County Community College for web design, which allowed me to hone my technical skills and made me a more efficient worker, and learn how to use desktop publishing and Office software. The two degrees have complimented each other nicely.